What is A Perfect Pesach?

A Perfect Pesach is an all-inclusive ten day Passover program where families come together to spend their holiday in a relaxing and semi-private setting. We provide our guests with everything they need to make their holiday enjoyable. We will provide all accommodations including housing, kosher for Pesach private kitchen, stocked with paper goods, basic kitchen utensils, snacks and expertly prepared Kosher for Passover food delivered to your villa. Enjoy kiddushim, tea room, Chol Hamoed buffet lunches and BBQs . You will have full access to daily minyanim, day camp, youth activities, Chol Hamoed Entertainment, wine tastings and classes and much more.

What is included in the base price of the villa?

Includes: Cleaned and sanitized villa with private pool, basic toiletries, tea lights and yahrtzeit candles, havdala set, bedikas chometz kit, and welcome package. You will have access to daily minyanim and Kiddushim on Shabbos and Yom Tov as well as all Storey Lake Resort amenities

What is included in the food and program price?

Catering and program price includes three meals a day every day with the exception of check in and check out day. There will be a welcome BBQ dinner upon check in and a light breakfast to go at check-out. Breakfast items are available for pick up daily and we will provide a large variety of cheeses, yogurts, spreads, milk, juice, eggs, muffins etc. Lunch and Dinner on Yom Tov days will be packaged and delivered, oven ready, to your villa so you can eat in the privacy of your own home. Chol Hamoed meals are communal dairy buffet lunch and BBQ dinner. Take out meals will be available for Chol Hamoed lunch.

House will be stocked with paper goods, hot water urn, basic pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and foil pans,  grape juice, matzo, and snacks.

Program includes Kiddushim, Tea Room, Oneg Shabbos, and Neilas Hachag, Chol Hamoed entertainment, Day Camp, Wine Tastings and Classes, and more.

Do I need to pay for food or can I just book a Villa from A Perfect Pesach?

A Perfect Pesach provides an all-inclusive program. In order to enjoy everything we have to offer, we cannot book villas without participating the program.

You can still join us at APP2 where you have the option to opt out of the catered delivered Yom Tov meals. Please see APP 2 for more information.

Is my pool safe?

According to Florida law, all rental properties with a pool must come equipped with a child safety fence or pool door alarm. While we strive to bring you the highest standard of safety, please watch children around pool areas.

Is there day camp?

There is a day camp every Yom Tov day. Day camp will be every day during morning davening and then again after lunch. Camp is included in your rate, although tipping the counselors is encouraged.

Does A Perfect Pesach offer lunches for chol hamoed trips?

All Chol Hamoed meals will be served buffet style in our communal tent area. If you plan to leave the property for lunch, take out items will be available for pick up at breakfast. If you will not be back for dinner, you MUST let us know so we can make arrangements for you.

Are there going to be shiurim?

There will be daily Daf Yomi classes as well as classes, lectures, and workshops on Yom Tov and Shabbos.