What is APP2?

AAP2 is a ten day Passover program that is designed to work with all budgets. Families can  come together to spend their holiday in a relaxing and private setting.  We offer options from basic homes and optional catering packages.

What is included in the base price of the villa?

Includes Cleaned and sanitized luxuirions villa with private pool in Phase 2 at Storey Lake. You will have access to exclusive daily minyanim, eruv, and all resort amenities.

What is included in the food price?

Catering price includes a four course lunch and dinner every day every day of Shabbos and Yom Tov delivered to your villa before Yom Tov.  Package also includes paper goods, basic pots and pans, kitchen utensils,  grape juice, and matzo.

Do I need to pay for food or can I just book a Villa from APP2?

APP2 is designed to work with all budgets, therfore you can customize a package that works for you.

What is the Kashrut supervision of the program?

We are proud to announce that A Perfect Pesach is under the supervision of the Star K.

How will my Villa be Kashered?

All villas will be kashered according to Star-k guidelines. Feel free to contact us for detailed information

Is my pool safe?

According to Florida law, all rental properties with a pool must come equipped with a child safety fence or pool door alarm. While we strive to bring you the highest standard of safety, please watch children around pool areas.

Are there going to be shiurim?

There will be a Shiur on Yom Tov and Shabbos afternoon.

What extra services does APP2 provide?

APP2 provides extra servies such as housekeeping and waiter services. We also provide rentals such as refigerators, tables and chairs, pack n plays, cribs, highchairs, and roll away beds. We also provide access to a grocery website where guests can place orders that will be delivered to the Storey Lake before Yom Tov.