Release of Liability Form

    Release of Liability Form:


    My child(ren) has/have my permission to participate in all scheduled and unscheduled camp activities and events at or associated with A Perfect Pesach, LLC.

    I, the parent/guardian, assume all risks and hazards incidental to or resulting from the negligence of A Perfect Pesach, LLC. and its employees, owners, volunteers, or sponsors before, after, or during camp activities and transportation to and from activities and any other programming or event. I do hereby release and hold harmless A Perfect Pesach, LLC. , and/or the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, volunteers, and anyone connected with the program or activity for any injury resulting from any and all said negligence.

    I understand and agree that A Perfect Pesach, LLC. their owners, staff, and volunteers are not responsible for any injuries negligently suffered while participating in camp activities.

    Medical Waiver

    I declare that I have provided A Perfect Pesach, LLC. with all information regarding my child’s health, which may reasonably be needed to meet the medical and/or physical needs of my child. If an emergency arises, and I cannot be contacted for any reason, I hereby authorize A Perfect Pesach, LLC. to seek emergency medical treatment administered by, but not restricted to, paramedics, hospital emergency room employees, and/or other medical professionals as reasonably necessary for the emergency medical treatment of my child. I hereby release A Perfect Pesach, LLC. and their staff members from any liability resulting from any medical services provided and agree to pay for such services upon invoice.

    Please sign that you have read and agree to the Medical Waiver:*

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